Zeffy: How My AskAI helps Zeffy Keep Their Ticket Volume Down and Fundraising Free

Zeffy uses My AskAI to deflect 84% of their HubSpot support ticket volume, allowing their CX team to spend more time on complex, strategic work so they can continue to help their fundraisers and keep their fast-growing platform free.

Zeffy: How My AskAI helps Zeffy Keep Their Ticket Volume Down and Fundraising Free
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Jun 14, 2024 02:52 PM
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Jun 6, 2024
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Zeffy uses My AskAI to deflect 84% of their HubSpot support ticket volume, so they can continue to help their fundraisers and keep their fast-growing platform free

  • Zeffy is a 100% free charitable fundraising platform enabling non-profits to receive 100% of their donations.
  • The platform has grown rapidly, as has the support team however the support demand has outpaced resourcing so they needed a different solution.
  • After having demos with a number of different providers, My AskAI was the first to fill all their requirements and they were able to get it live and responding to donors and fundraisers within days.
  • My AskAI is now live on their site and already deflecting 84% of requests, allowing their support staff to focus on more complex and strategic initiatives and for customers to experience faster resolution times.

The Non-profit Champion

Zeffy is a pioneering online fundraising platform that serves non-profits across North America.
Unlike other platforms, Zeffy offers a completely free service, absorbing all transaction fees to ensure that non-profits receive 100% of their donations.
This model is supported by voluntary contributions from donors who choose to help sustain Zeffy's operations.
Ella Roy, Customer Success Manager, explains,
“We’re the only free fundraising platform, and we cover all transaction fees. If you receive a $100 donation on Zeffy, you get $100 in your bank account.”

The Mighty Seven: Zeffy’s Customer Success Team

At the heart of Zeffy’s operations is their dedicated Customer Success Team, a group of seven highly skilled individuals.
This team operates uniquely, splitting their time equally between direct customer support and strategic projects aimed at optimizing support processes. Ella highlights:
“We all do 50% of support during the week and then 50% focus on other strategic projects that help us advance our goals.”
This dynamic setup ensures that while immediate support needs are met, continuous improvements are also being made.

The Overload Dilemma

As Zeffy’s popularity soared, so has the volume of support requests.
Despite expanding the support team, the rapid growth outpaced their capacity.
The majority of these inquiries were simple FAQs, already answered in their knowledge base:
“Our company is growing very rapidly, and we were receiving a lot of support requests. Many didn’t require intervention from a support agent, yet our team was spending a high amount of time on them.”
The existing bot in HubSpot, which suggested help articles, wasn't enough as users often failed to find the answers they needed.

Enter My AskAI

So Zeffy embarked on a mission to find a more effective solution.
After numerous demos with different AI providers, they chose My AskAI for its seamless integration with their existing tools:
“We needed an AI that integrated with our current tools, especially HubSpot. My AskAI was the only solution that allowed us to do both without disrupting our operations.”
The ability to retain their existing workflows while enhancing support with AI made My AskAI the clear winner.

A Straightforward Implementation

The implementation of My AskAI was remarkably smooth.
The team first mapped out the desired user flow, ensuring that any unanswered AI queries would transition seamlessly to human support through HubSpot:
“Once we mapped out the user flow, implementation was super straightforward. We customized a few things and added it to our website.”
This effortless integration marked the beginning of a new era for Zeffy’s support team.

Lightening the Load

The impact of My AskAI was felt almost immediately.
The support team experienced a significant reduction in workload, allowing them to focus on more complex technical issues:
“We’re receiving a lot less FAQ questions and spending more time on complex technical support cases.”
For users, the AI provided instant answers, enhancing their overall experience.
“The AI means that within seconds, users can have all their questions answered.”

Future Plans with My AskAI

Zeffy’s journey with My AskAI is just beginning.
They plan to optimize their use of the AI email assistant, aiming for full automation of email queries.
Additionally, they are focused on improving the AI’s resolution rate by ensuring comprehensive coverage of user queries in their knowledge base.
A key future feature they envision is tailoring AI interactions based on user type, distinguishing between non-profits and donors to provide more accurate responses:
“Being able to ask what kind of user they are and then feed different responses based on that would be a game-changer.”

A Transformative Partnership

Zeffy’s integration of My AskAI has revolutionized their support operations, significantly enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction.
This partnership showcases how My AskAI can help teams streamline processes and support rapid organizational growth.
With ongoing optimizations and future enhancements in sight, Zeffy is poised to continue leading the way in non-profit fundraising, ensuring every support interaction is as seamless and effective as possible.
Through My AskAI, Zeffy has not only managed to overcome the challenge of an overloaded support team but has also set the stage for future innovations and a consistently excellent user experience.
As Ella sums it up:
“My AskAI was the only solution that allowed us to integrate AI seamlessly into our existing systems. It’s been a win-win for us.”
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