How My AskAI Helps Grow by Doing More With Less use My AskAI to deflect 47% of their support volume by integrating it into their custom Zendesk support set-up, so they can continue to continue to provide world-class Customer Experience to their ever-expanding customer base How My AskAI Helps Grow by Doing More With Less
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Jun 3, 2024 03:54 PM
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Jun 6, 2024
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Ready to Publish
Ready to Publish used My AskAI to deflect 47% of their support volume by integrating it into their custom Zendesk support setup, continuing to provide a world-class Customer Experience to their ever-expanding customer base

  • is a B2B customer engagement platform that uses multi-channel messaging and data pipeline integrations to empower businesses to craft personalized engagement journeys.
  • As the business started to scale faster, they realized they needed a better way to support their growing audience efficiently with the resources available while maintaining their trademark quality. So, they began looking towards AI solutions.
  • After a competitive vendor selection process they decided My AskAI was the right fit after “blowing the other vendors out of the water” with their answer quality and collaboration.
  • My AskAI is now live in Zendesk and already deflecting 47% of requests, allowing their support staff to focus on more complex issues and for customers to experience faster resolution times.
  • They are now looking at ways to extend their usage of My AskAI in their business and help their CX team make the most of the time freed up.

What does do?

In the world of SaaS, has carved out a reputation for world-class customer engagement.
Their multi-product platform includes tools for messaging, journey creation, and a data pipeline solution that integrates data from various sources into, and from to other destinations, empowering businesses to craft personalized engagement journeys.
But, like many businesses, as the company grows, so do its challenges. team found themselves at a critical point - how could they maintain their high customer support standards AND continue to scale rapidly?

Growing Pains

With its ever-expanding customer base, found itself at a crossroads.
The traditional approach of scaling support to match customer growth was just not sustainable.
“The faster we grew, the more we spent. We realized that it was no longer possible to solve problems by throwing more people at it. We needed to explore ways to achieve more operational efficiency while still maintaining a high standard of service.”
The increasing customer base meant that the volume of support tickets was skyrocketing.
Each new customer brought unique queries and challenges, and the support team was getting stretched thin.
The operational strain was palpable, and something had to give.

The Pressure of a Job Well Done's success had inadvertently created a double-edged sword.
Their customers, accustomed to exceptional support, would bypass self-service and documentation, for “convenient”, direct help on even the simplest issues.
“Customers were immediately reaching out to tech support for very easy things. This created a lot of extra pressure for the team in terms of ticket volume for things that were very easy to solve.”
This behavior stemmed from's commitment to top-tier support.
But it led to longer wait times and a backlog of support tickets.
This caused delays and frustration on both sides.

Enter My AskAI

Determined to find a sustainable solution, embarked on a quest to explore AI-powered customer support tools.
But they were looking for a partner, not just a vendor.
After a rigorous selection process involving eight vendors and a comprehensive list of over 200 varied questions, ranging from simple inquiries to complex problem-solving scenarios, My AskAI emerged as the clear frontrunner.
"I immediately just got this sense that they were looking for partners, not customers necessarily, and that was just fantastic off the bat.”
My AskAI not only provided accurate answers but did so consistently and efficiently, proving its capability to handle real-world customer support challenges.
“My AskAI blew everybody else out of the water, making the selection process easy for us.”

A Collaborative Implementation

Now they just had to get their new solution live.
But the thought of implementing a new AI tool into their legacy CX stack was daunting.
And the existing Zendesk setup was bound to pose some technical challenges.
However, My AskAI helped turn potential roadblocks into opportunities for innovation.
“It was an enjoyable challenge, always met with a 'let's find a solution' attitude from the My AskAI team. At every moment it was never met with 'oh, you can't do that,' it was always 'let's go back to the drawing board and give it a try.’”
My AskAI’s team worked closely with to understand their systems and workflows, providing valuable insights and adapting solutions to fit seamlessly into their existing framework.
Despite the technical intricacies, the collaborative effort ensured a smooth and successful integration.

Immediate and Significant Impact

The results were nothing short of transformative.
Within the first week of full deployment, saw a 47% mitigation rate.
Nearly half of all customer queries were being resolved by the AI without human intervention.
This has saved us about 55 hours of human time, a massive win for the team and mitigating hundreds of hours of combined waiting time in a queue for customers. We are very pleased with the results. This has allowed us to reinvest bandwidth into other strategic areas.”
The immediate impact was also evident in the daily operations.
Support staff had more time to focus on complex issues and customers experienced faster resolution times.
The AI handled repetitive and straightforward queries with ease, reducing the support load and enhancing overall efficiency.

Next: Expanding AI Horizons now has ambitious plans to extend My AskAI's capabilities across more aspects of its operations.
They aim to integrate AI into their documentation for enhanced self-service before looking to explore generative and predictive AI for churn mitigation and guided customer onboarding.
“It would be great to implement My AskAI to guide customers through their implementation and lead to more conversions from trials.”
The future looks promising as explores new ways to leverage AI.
Their documentation team is already working on incorporating AI-driven suggestions and responsive interactions on their help pages.
And the product team is keen to delve into predictive AI, anticipating customer needs and providing proactive solutions, to enhance the overall user experience and drive higher conversion rates during trial periods.

A Partnership for the Future's journey with My AskAI shows the power of innovative partnerships.
By turning challenges into stepping stones, has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also set the stage for future growth and innovation.
The successful implementation and impressive results underscore the transformative potential of AI in customer engagement.
As continues to evolve, the partnership with My AskAI stands as a cornerstone of its strategy to deliver unparalleled customer support and engagement.
Its journey from overwhelmed support teams to optimized, AI-powered solutions highlights the impact of strategic innovation and collaboration in achieving business success.
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