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Launch aMakeAI chatbot with yourFreshdesk Knowledge Baseusing My AskAI

Connect your Freshdesk Knowledge Base and allow your team to start ‘chatting’ with all your  Make content (like ChatGPT), capable of answering any question about your docs. Saving your customer and your support team time.
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My AskAI has over 50k businesses using them to create AI assistants
Thesmartest companiesare saving their team 10x more time by connecting Freshdesk Knowledge Base and Make with an AI chatbot
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Overview of thisAI agent integration

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Freshdesk Knowledge Base

What is Freshdesk Knowledge Base?

Freshdesk's Knowledge Base is a feature that helps businesses create and manage a centralized database of information to provide customers with self-service support.
Find out more about Freshdesk Knowledge Base

What are the benefits integrating Freshdesk Knowledge Base and an AI chatbot?

Integrating Freshdesk's Knowledge Base with an AI assistant can greatly benefit a SaaS company. By doing so, the company can improve the efficiency of their customer support, as customers can get instant answers to their questions. This means that the company's support team can focus on more complex issues, while the AI assistant handles the simpler ones.
Additionally, integrating the Knowledge Base with an AI assistant can help reduce the workload of the support team, as customers can find answers to their questions without having to contact support. This can lead to faster response times and happier customers.

Furthermore, the integration can help the company save time and resources, as they won't have to manually answer the same questions over and over again. Instead, the AI assistant can handle these queries, freeing up the support team to focus on more pressing issues.

Overall, integrating Freshdesk's Knowledge Base with an AI assistant can be a game-changer for a SaaS company, improving the efficiency of their customer support, reducing workload, and saving time and resources.

Challenges you may face by not integrating Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Without integrating an AI assistant with Freshdesk's Knowledge Base, a SaaS company may face several problems.
Firstly, customer support may become inefficient as customers may struggle to find the information they need in the Knowledge Base. This could lead to an increase in support tickets and longer resolution times, which could negatively impact customer satisfaction.

Secondly, without an AI assistant, the company may struggle to keep the Knowledge Base up-to-date and relevant. This could result in outdated information being provided to customers, which could lead to confusion and frustration.

Finally, without an AI assistant, the company may miss out on valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This could make it difficult to improve the Knowledge Base and provide better self-service support to customers in the future.

How do I integrate Freshdesk Knowledge Base with My AskAI?

After creating your AI assistant, go to the ‘Knowledge' section with your Dashboard and select Freshdesk Knowledge Base to connect and starting syncing your data/content.
Please see ourhelp docs for full setup instructions.
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What is Make?

Make is an online automation tool that allows you to connect your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and more. You can automate parts of your business or personal tasks by creating workflows known as workflows.
Find out more about Make

What are the benefits integrating Make and an AI chatbot?

Integrating Make with an AI assistant can greatly benefit a SaaS company. By automating parts of their business or personal tasks, they can save time and increase efficiency.
One major benefit is improving the efficiency of their customer support. With an AI assistant, customer inquiries can be automatically routed to the appropriate department or agent, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction.

Additionally, integrating Make with an AI assistant can help the company streamline their workflows and reduce manual tasks. This can lead to increased productivity and cost savings.

Overall, integrating Make with an AI assistant can help a SaaS company improve their operations and provide better customer support, ultimately leading to increased success and growth.

Challenges you may face by not integrating Make

Without integrating an AI assistant, the SaaS company using Make would face several customer support inefficiencies.
Firstly, customers may struggle to understand how to use the tool effectively, leading to a high volume of support requests.

Secondly, without an AI assistant, customer support agents would need to manually handle each support request, which could be time-consuming and lead to longer wait times for customers.

Thirdly, without customer data in the product, support agents may struggle to provide personalized support, leading to a lower quality of service.

Overall, integrating an AI assistant would help the SaaS company provide more efficient and personalized customer support, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

How do I integrate Make with My AskAI?

After creating your AI assistant and adding some content, go to your Dashboard and select ‘Integrations’. You can then activate the Make integration.
Please see ourhelp docs for full setup instructions.

Give your teaminstant answersfrom your internal docs or content, 24/7(allowing them to focus onthe stuff that really matters)

Ability to add any content or data type into My AskAI for your AI assistant

⚡ Lightning-Fast Setup

Add all your relevant docs, webpages, content or data in a few minutes to train your AI chatbot.
Ability for your My AskAI AI assistant to provide accurate fast answers with source references

📖 Instant, factual, answers

Get answers, from your docs, data and content, with clear source references showing you exactly where the answer came from.
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🌎 Launch where you need it most

Give your team access to your AI chatbot — adding it to your website, Slack Workspace or connect via API in minutes.

Join1,000+ B2B SaaS businesses reducing their support costs and freeing up support agents for more important work

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Integrations are just the begining, we've got everything you need toreduce customer support ticketsby up to 75%

Add all your webpages

When you get started we'll get all the webpages from your website and any sub-domains you use for help docs.Learn more about adding your content.


We'll automatically re-sync any changes from all your webpages every week and add any new pages you've added.Learn more about SiteSync.

Launch on your site

With one line of code, you can add your AI agent to your website. Either as a floating chat bubble or within a page's content.Learn more about adding to your website.

Add to Intercom, Zendesk & HubSpot

Integrate My AskAI directly within yourIntercom,Zendesk Messaging, orHubSpotlive chat widget with our apps available on the official App Stores.

Intelligent AI to Human Handover

If the AI agent can't help, customers can request a person. We'll summarize the chat and handover to your support agents.Learn more.

Handover to existing email or help site

If you don't use live chat, customer conversations can be handed off to a support email or you can provide a support page.Learn more about Human Handover.

Lead capture

Capture email addresses from people chatting with your AI agent and generate new leads for your business. Export leads or connect a webhook e.g. Zapier.Learn more.

Multi-lingual support

Change the default language and localization of your AI assistant. We currently support over 50 languages, so you can provide fully global AI customer support.

Site Search

Site Search allows your customers to not only ask questions in conversation, but also search your entire site quickly and accurately, using natural language. Learn more aboutSite Search.

Starter actions

Starter actions let users take quick actions, like booking a demo call, where you can define a specific webpage for them to open. Learn more aboutstarter actions.

CSAT ratings

Request customer satisfaction scores for each conversation your customers have with your new AI agent.Read more about CSAT ratings.

Slack, API, Zapier...

Boost team productivity by connecting your AI agent to your Slack or Microsoft Teams workspace. Or build on top of our Query API. Learn more aboutintegrations.

Cloud connections

Connect to cloud storage and knowledge base services, such as Google Drive and Notion, to add more knowledge to your AI agent. Learn more aboutconnections.

AI email assistant

Handle most of your support via email? No problem, launch an AI assistant that can automatically reply to your customer's first email.Learn more about AI email assistant.

Custom answers

Create custom answers to specific questions to have more control over your AI agent's response. Learn more aboutcustom actions.

Custom branding

We'll automatically get your brand logo and colour palette (which you can edit) to customize your AI agent, just like magic.Learn more about Customization.

GDPR compliant

All your data is stored with bank-grade encryption (AES-256) andneverused to train AI models.Read more about how your data is kept secure.

Data protection

We're fully GDPR compliant. Ensuring your end user data is secure and private, and remains that way.Learn more about our GDPR compliance.

Team access

Add other team members so they can view and manage your AI conversation insights.Learn more about team access.

Insights Dashboard

Every customer conversation is turned into a summarized insight. With similar insights grouped together to save you time.
📊 Example Insights Dashboard for Stripe

Suggested fixes

When a number of conversations are about the same topic, we'll suggest a fix for your team and send out an email to let you know. Learn more aboutSuggestions.

Email & Slack alerts

Every time we detect 3 conversations about the same topic, we'll notify your team via email and/or Slack. So you never miss the important stuff.Learn more about notifications.

AffordableAI customer support agentwithin your existing live chat

Reduce support costs and let your team stay focus on customer retention with your new customer support assistant,powered by AI.

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My AskAI has over 50k businesses using them to create AI assistants
Our AI customer support agents are already used by 👇
Companies using AI assistants on their websites
My AskAI's AI customer support chatbot assistant integrated with Intercom, Zendesk, and HubSpot

Frequently Asked Questions

What other integrations do you support?
We support a large number of integrations to securely provide your AI agent with your company's content or provide your users and customers access to your AI agent where they need it most. Seeall our AI integrations.
How secure is my data from my integrations?
All processed content from your integrations is stored in isolated containers. All data is encrypted at rest (AES-256) and in transit. Your data is never used for any reason (including AI model training) other than servicing API calls or customer support at your request only.Learn more.
What is an AI agent?
An AI agent is an artificial intelligence system that can understand natural language conversations and questions, and provide helpful responses based on its training. My AskAI is an AI agent platform that allows you to build your own personalized AI agent by uploading your own documents, content, manuals, etc. The AI agent then learns from this uploaded content and can answer questions instantly based on the information provided to it.
What are the most popular integrations?
Website widgets - To provide answers directly on a company's website.
Slack/Teams integrations - To answer questions within workplace messaging/collaboration apps.

Google Drive - To sync and search content already stored in Drive folders.

Internal documentation systems - Like connecting an AI to internal Confluence, SharePoint or Notion workspaces.

Customer support platforms - Integrating an AI into existing support helpdesks or ticketing tools.

API access - For advanced users to fully control the AI through custom workflows and apps.
Why should I integrate my tools with an AI agent?
There are a few key benefits to integrating internal tools and documents with an AI agent:
Faster answers - Employees and customers can get instant answers without searching through various documents and tools. This saves significant time.

Centralized knowledge - All relevant information is consolidated in one place through the AI agent, making it easy for anyone to access.

Always available - The AI agent can be accessed 24/7 from any device, unlike static documentation.

Searchable content - Uploaded content becomes fully-searchable and discoverable through natural language conversations with the AI.

Usage analytics - Integrations allow tracking how the AI agent is used and which questions are most common, to further improve over time.

Reduce support costs.Spent more time on customer success.

Our AI customer support agents are already used by 👇
Companies using AI assistants on their websites
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